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Osiecznica is located in the south-western part of Poland, in Lower Silesia, about 130 km west of Wrocław and about 50 km east of the Polish-German border. The company has been part of the Quarzwerke Group since 1995. The plant was thoroughly modernized in the early 2000s and has a very modern technology, ensuring the production of very high quality sand.

The quartz sand deposit in Osiecznica was established about 100 million years ago. The exceptional chemical purity of the raw material makes Osiecznica sand a rare and desirable raw material.

Due to the extremely low content of iron compounds, the sands from Osiecznica are mainly used for the production of high-quality glass, including crystals and glass for photovoltaic cells. They are also used in the production of water glass, in the ceramic industry and construction.

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