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Silica flour : Inert and weather resistant

The chemical purity of silica products is of decisive imortance for industrial applications. The manufacture of quartz flour and fine powders with specified particle sizes requires separation processes in addition to iron-free milling. Using a combination of grinding and optical technologies, we are capable of producing quartz powders with particle sizes of 1 µm. An additional refining process is targeted surface modification, e.g. with silanes or other silan-based substances, geared toward the respective subsequent application.

Properties :

  • High hardness of 7 (Mohs)
  • Density of 2.65 g/cm3
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low thermal expansion: 14*10-6 K-1(at T 20-300°C)
  • Good electrical properties (low tan delta)

Main applications :

  • External paints
  • Construction / construction chemicals
  • Epoxy resin for electrical applications
  • Engineered Stone
  • Paints
  • Foundry
  • Casting resins
  • Glass
  • CSH
  • Ceramics / refractory
  • Corrosion paints
  • Silicone


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