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Silica sands - the basis for high-grade glass

Silica sands make up the largest proportion in quantity of the raw materials used in the production of glass and are of corresponding importance for the industry.

The silica sands of the Quarzwerke Group are characterized by their high degree of chemical purity and consistency; they are therefore ideally suited for the production of glass.

The reason: for the glass industry, silica sand must have as high a content of SiO2 as possible and must have almost no impurities like iron oxide or titanium oxide. In addition to the chemical composition of the silica sand, a stable grain size range is also necessary. The premium silica sands from the Quarzwerke Group meet all these requirements. You can also benefit from this!


Feldspar plays an important role in the production of glass, because it lowers the melting temperature of the batch and helps control the viscosity in the glass melting tank. The alkali content in the feldspar acts as a fluxing agent and lowers the melting point—and the production costs. The feldspar products of the Quarzwerke Group are used for the production of particularly high-grade types of glass on account of their high potassium and aluminium contents, while having only a low Fe2O3 content. Discover our wide range of glass applications:

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