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We deliver our quality products to many different industries around the world…



Quartz is very hard, chemically inert and has a high melting point. Therefore, the industrial mineral is suitable for many …



In order to meet the constantly changing technological requirements and to find even more individual solutions we are working …



The white, platelet-shaped mineral can be delivered as granules, ground material, shamots or as slurry in various industries.


High Performance Fillers

Mineral fillers can influence properties of polymers. A surface treatment offers additional advantages in the final system.



Feldspar minerals are components in almost all European deposits. The low-iron k-feldspars are used in a wide range of …


About us

The Quarzwerke Group is a well-known producer of mineral resources. For over 135 years, our activities have been focused mainly on the extraction, processing and enrichment of industrial minerals. Raw materials such as quartz, kaolin, feldspar and wollastonite are processed into over 700 different products and sold in over 50 countries.


At the plants of KiZPPS “Osiecznica”,  TKSM “Biała Góra”  we produce for you quartz sands for the production of glass and ceramics and for use in foundry, construction chemicals and other industries. Moreover, the KSM “Surmin Kaolin” plant produces kaolins which are mainly used in ceramics, rubber and plastics.